Free Formal Clothes for Underrepresented Students

Since most tuition does not include extra expenses such as clothing, the transition from college to workforce for underrepresent students is harsh. The reason is that most interview for either job or scholarship require students to dress formally in business casual. Therefore, most of the underrepresented students could not meet the above criteria. Luckily, some organizations, like MLK Living Legacy Committee and the College of Business and Economics (COBE), raise a fund for a career closet and try to borrow underrepresented students for free. Here is the list of intention of what they try to provide to the underrepresented students and some actions that they have taken:

  1. Giving former business clothes to students for free instead of being a lending program. However,  because of lack of the resources, they have to make it a lending program so that all student will given the chance to borrow the clothes from the career closets.
  2. Placing  these career closet in a career service office in each colleges so that it will motivate students to get accustom with the professional environment and to use some resources such as resume building or mock interview within these sites.
  3. Giving students opportunities to dress formally so that it will help boost these underrepresented students’ confidence and improve their performance.