California Credit Union Scholarship Opportunity

Los Angeles County students can now apply for the annual College Scholarship Program that California Credit Union invites. California Credit Union provides $20,000 in scholarships to recognize students who are motivated in their academic studies, active in their schools and communities, giving back to others through service and volunteer work.

Eligibility to apply includes being a college bound high school senior or a student transferring to a four-year university. You must maintain a 3.0 gpa in order to apply. Selection criteria include academic performance, school or community involvement, a letter of recommendation, and an essay submission.

“We encourage local students to get a head start on their education and apply for one of our scholarships,” said California Credit Union CEO Steve O’Connell. “We know the cost of higher education can be a challenge for many families, and we are proud to help these students on their path to realize their educational goals. We look forward to reviewing the many stories of inspiration in our scholarship applications.”

DEADLINE: March 21, 2019.

Interested students can find more information and apply online at