Psychological service for Underrepresented student in UI

Students at University of Iowa found a student activity to support underrepresented and under-support students who have experienced in discrimination under the hashtag #DoesUIowaLoveMe. This student activity encourage those underrepresented students to speak out their stories of being discriminated and doze of students, faculty, staff will listen to them and share their experience. This activity is intended to:

  1. Integrate the members of college as a single family even though people may have from different culture or have different perspective. This will make the college community more like a single huge family.
  2. give those students who have disability, come from different country, or low-income family an opportunity to see the college counselor to receive mental supports.
  3. Give students chance to speak their stories and restore some humanity.

Above all, these main purpose of the activities is to mentally supports those students from underrepresented groups and ultimately improve the graduation rate of students from those underrepresented group.