Cross Roads C.A.C is a non-profit organization located in the PUEDE Center, which is a new branch of services operating under the umbrella of Pico Union Housing Corporation (PUHC). Cross Roads C.A.C is a community based organization with a mission to develop and preserve affordable housing with an emphasis on residential ownership and to promote higher education among low income communities in the Pico Union district. The goal of Cross Roads C.A.C. is to assist the local constituents in creating wealth by developing programs and strategies that will increase their net worth.

Washington University Launches Grants for Low-Income Students

The newly elected chancellor Andrew D. Martin at Washington University has launched a couple grants that will assist first-year students attend college. The one-time grants are a $500 grant for computer costs and a $1,500 startup grant for books, winter clothing and housing supplies..

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California Credit Union Scholarship Opportunity

Los Angeles County students can now apply for the annual College Scholarship Program that California Credit Union invites. California Credit Union provides $20,000 in scholarships to recognize students who are motivated in their academic studies, active in their schools and communities,.

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